Hi there!

I am so happy that you are visiting my blog! This is a new adventure for me, as I have wanted to blog for a long time now!

I’m a junior in college, studying Rehabilitation and Human Services.  I really can’t wait to start a career that allows me to fulfill my passion for helping children everyday!! I am just your average college student, trying to make it through each week.
I am a very active person & am very enthusiastic about finding/creating recipes with clean ingredients. I like to fuel my body the best way I can. I have always had a passion
for fashion.  I really love picking out my outfit everyday and helping my friends and family around me pick outfits when they need help.  Sometimes I just pretend I am their own Rachel Zoe.  Music, movies, & books are just a few other things I enjoy & that will be spotlighted on the blog.  I hope I get to share all of it with you here on the blog.

I promise to show the real life of a college student and I think that my readers will find me quite relatable, no matter the age.  Feel free to shoot me a message, request, or share a simple comment with me! I cannot wait for you to embark on this new adventure with me and I can’t wait to share things I love with you.  I hope you enjoy my posts and hope to see you all soon!

Xoxo, Kay



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