Eating & Drinking Around the World in Epcot

Hello friends!! Welcome back to Simply Kaylee Ann.  Thanks for following along with my little corner of the internet!  If you have been following, I have been posting all about my recent trip to Florida.  If you had read Travel Diary: Orlando, FL, you would know that my friends and I decided to eat and drink our way around the world at the Epcot World Showcase.  We had a blast tasting and sampling all the different foods and drinks that the showcase had to offer.


Since Canada was the first country for us to stop at, we ended up not even getting anything here!  We were trying to figure out how the showcase worked so we just walked through the Canada section and kept going.

United Kingdom:

In the UK, we all sampled beers!  I personally chose a Ciderboys Grand Mimosa Apple Orange Hard Cider from the Cider House.  I liked it because I like beer that does not actually taste like beer, which basically defeats the purpose of drinking a beer.  My friends got a variety of different beers as well.  One of my girlfriends in particular decided to go ahead and get a beer flight, so she tasted the variety that the rest of us chose individually.

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Ciderboys Grand Mimosa Apple Orange Hard Cider
Beer Flight


In France, most of us decided to go with a variety of different crosssiants.  At this point in the day we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and were starving.  After we sampled the pastries, we went ahead and indulged in these La Vie Rose Frozen Slush drinks, a combination of Vodka, Grey Goose Orange, St. Germain Liquor, and white and red cranberry juice.  They were quite tasty and refreshing on the warm day.

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La Vie Rose Frozen Slush
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Plain Croissant


In Morocco, we got these Habibi Daiquiris, which were essentially just a frozen daiquiri.  They were tasty, but they were quite strong!  Be weary of these drinks if you are not looking for something too strong.  We also snacked on fried cauliflower.  The fried snack was delicious, especially with dipping sauce.

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Habibi Daiquiri
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Fried Cauliflower


I did not participate in Japan, however two of my friends got these Sake Shaved Ices. I sampled them and they were very tasty and I kind of regretted not getting one!

Sake Shaved Ice


I felt like I can eat American anytime I want, therefore I decided not to get anything here as well.  My friends got a lemonade & moonshine mixture that was very small and very pricey.  The girls were unimpressed and I think it was partially due to the size and price to be honest.  The United States is home to the infamous Turkey Leg!  One of my friends got this and I tried it.  It was good but I definitely could not finish one on my own!

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Turkey Leg


In Italy, my friends sampled Bellinis while I ordered an Orangecello.  We all loved our drinks.  I had never had any kind of Italian cocktail and I was really impressed with how it tasted!

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Though I did not drink in Germany, my friends did!  They got beer flights, which they had all enjoyed.  I know one of my friends in particular would have been content to stay there all day!  A few of the other girls and I split one of the ginormous soft pretzels.  I am so glad I bypassed the alcohol and went straight for the pretzel.

Beer Flight
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Soft Pretzel


We all loved our drinks in China!!!  I had heard about the Tipsy Ducks in Love through some Disney blogs online and I was waiting all day to try it out!  It did not disappoint.  It basically tasted like a mocha.  The other girls I was with got the Kung Fu Punch.  It was super sweet and the girls loved their choice as well.  Overall, China did not disappoint.

Kung Fu Punch
Tipsy Ducks in Love


No alcohol here, but we tried out these tasty sandwiches that Norway had to offer!  We went with the Norwegian Club and the Ham and Apple Sandwich.  Both good, but I preferred the club.

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Norwegian Club & Ham & Apple Sandwiches


What better to get in Mexico than a margarita?  I decided to go out on a whim and try the Jalepiño margarita and I am so happy I decided to!  It was so good but in an unexpected way!  My friends got a variety of more traditional margaritas and sangrias.  One of my girlfriends and I then split the nachos, which was a great way to end our eating and drinking around the world.

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Jalepiño Margarita
Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

If you have any questions regarding anything about Epcot, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram.  I may not have all the answers but I will be happy to send you in the right direction to find the information you are after!

Happy Weekend to all!

Xoxo, Kay


4 thoughts on “Eating & Drinking Around the World in Epcot

  1. The drinks in Epcot are gorgeous. I love the non alcoholic frozen violet lemonade! It was there for the flower and garden festival, I actually just posted a picture of it on my blog, it was very good!


  2. This looks awesome and is defiantly up there on my bucket list of things I want to try, I have been dying to go back to Epcot and do this. Which country and drink was your favorite?

    megan |


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