Final Exam Study Tips

Hi everyone!  I am glad you are stopping by my site and I hope you enjoy what you find here!  So, as a college student, it is crunch time for me right now.  Next week is finals week… YUCK!  This year I did luck out, as I have only one final on the first day of finals week!! Naturally, it is math, which is the class I struggle with the most.  Luckily for me though I will be able to get it over quickly, rather than stressing about it all week.  The final exam week had me thinking that I could always use a few extra study tips from fellow college students, therefore I thought I would share my study strategies with you!

Old Main, Pennsylvania State University
  1.  SLEEP!!  Many people stay up all hours of the night cramming for finals so they pass.  However, if you are studying all along, you will not need to cram.  It is beneficial to get a good night of sleep the night prior to an exam so your brain can absorb what you have been studying.
  2. Eat Right.  Another trap many college students fall into during finals week is not eating right.  Quick and easy is what many will gravitate towards.  Skip the Chick- Ful- A and try to take time for you and make yourself a healthy dinner filled with the proper nutrients.  This will not only benefit your body, but your mind too, as you are giving it a much needed break.
  3. Make Flashcards in Advanced.  If flashcards are going to benefit you for the exam, make them in advanced!  It is so much easier to study a little everyday, rather than trying to make flashcards and study the night before.  I often do it while I watch TV.
  4. Attend the Review Sessions.  I find these so helpful, personally.  It is awesome that professors give students this opportunity.  I always go to these with some questions ready, as well as a notebook to ensure that I take any notes I find useful my questions, as well as from other peers’.
  5. Take breaks.  Taking a break is so important when studying for multiple big exams.  I sometimes will walk to Chipotle and get some food as a break or watch an episode of whatever series I am currently watching on Netflix.  Simple things like these give your mind and body a much needed time out.

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If you have any upcoming finals, I wish you all the best!!  Stay focused and study hard:)  Happy Studying!

Xoxo, Kay

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