Travel Diary: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hello friends!! Welcome back!  I took a little break from blogging while I was away on my vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  I took the opportunity to truly relax and experience the new country I was visiting.  Take a look below to check out what I did, what I wore, and what I ate on my trip!


Friday was our travel day.  We had to get up at 2:30 am to be at the airport, which resulted in a large amount of coffee being consumed!  We arrived in Mexico around 3 pm, checked into the resort, and headed to one of the 14 restaurants on the property!  Walking to the restaurant gave us the opportunity to explore a little of what the complex had to offer.

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Outfit details: tank top- Macy’s (Lucky Brand, here), jean shorts- Forever 21 (similar here), sandals- Tory Burch (variety of colors here), backpack- Victoria’s Secret Pink (here), sunglasses- RayBan (here), bracelets- Alex and Ani


This was the first day we got to spend at the pool and the beach.  My mom, my dad, and I started the morning off with an easy run along the wooden paths around the property.  It was a beautiful scenery.  It was a beautiful day with the sunshine beating down upon us, perfect for working on that summer tan! But as it turned out, my dad and I got quite a bit of sunburn that day.  In the evening we went to dinner and then went to see Joya, a Cirque du Soleil performance.  It was my first time seeing one of these shows and I was super impressed by the tricks these performers were able to do!



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Outfit #1 details: bikini- Victoria’s Secret, bandana- Walmart, sunglasses- LC Lauren Conrad (similar here)

Outfit #2 details: dress- Garage (similar here), necklace- Altar’d State, watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here), flip flops- LC Lauren Conrad (here)


On Sunday morning, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet that was located on the resort.  The day was, again, spent in the sun, at the pool and the beach.  To finish off the evening, we went to a Spanish restaurant, where I enjoyed a Spanish style grouper.






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Outfit #1 details: bikini top- Victoria’s Secret, kimono- Charlotte Russe, jean shorts- Forever 21, sunglasses- RayBan (here)

Outfit #2 details: tank top- Express (similar here), shorts- Macy’s (Mason Jules, here), sandals- Steve Madden (similar here), necklaces- Kate Spade (K) and Hallmark (Faith), earrings- American Eagle, watch- Michael Kors, bracelets- Mantraband and Alex and Ani


Monday was an exciting day!  That morning we went and swam with the dolphins, which was such an awesome experience.  I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did!  When we returned to the resort, that afternoon, like the two prior, was spent lounging in the sun.  In the evening we went to Playa del Carmen where there were shops and local venders from the area.  It was a great way to experience the area’s culture.  We finished the evening off with dinner back on the resort.




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Outfit #1 details: bathing suit- Macy’s (Calvin Klein, similar here), kimono- Charlotte Russe (similar here), jean shorts- Forever 21 (similar here), flip flops- LC Lauren Conrad (here), sunglasses- RayBan (here)

Outfit #2 details: dress- Old Navy (here), shoes- Steve Madden (similar here), necklaces- Charlotte Russe (silver) and Macy’s (Lucky Brand (blue)), bracelets- Macy’s (Lucky Brand) and Sabika, wristlet- Macy’s (Inc.)


Happy 4th of July!!  I will say it was little weird being out of the country for a holiday that evokes such pride from American citizens.  Though they did celebrate at the resort somewhat, it was not the same.  For dinner, we all enjoyed a seafood meal at a very cute restaurant, again on the resort property!

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Outfit #1 details: bikini top- Kohl’s, high waisted bottom- Old Navy (here), hat- Mexico!, sunglasses- LC Lauren Conrad (similar here)

Outfit #2 details: tank top- Ann Taylor Loft, bralette- Victoria’s Secret, shorts- Ann Taylor Loft, flip flops- LC Lauren Conrad (here), necklace- Kohl’s, bracelets- Tiffany & Co. and Sabika, wristlet- Macy’s (Inc.)


On Wednesday, we went on a little excursion!  We went and saw the Mayan ruins at Tulum, followed by some snorkeling in the ocean, and the cenotes (which are beautiful caves made from limestone bedrock with groundwater underneath).  It was such an awesome experience and I am so fortunate I was able to experience the natural beauty that was all around me that day.  We finished the long (!!) day off with dinner at the cutest little restaurant ever (I’m obsessed!).











Outfit #1 details: tank top- Nike (here), shorts- Nike, hat- nike, shoes- Asics, sunglasses- RayBan (here)

Outfit #2 details: tank top- Old Navy, jean skirt- Ann Taylor Loft (similar here), flip flops- LC Lauren Conrad (here), earrings- New York & Co. (here), necklace- Kohl’s, bracelets- Alex and Ani


This was our final day of sun and sand in Mexico.  The last day is always a bummer but we definitely made a fabulous day out of it!  After a run in the am, we enjoyed the rest of the day by the pool.  For lunch, we ate up smoothies and muffins at the resort’s health bar, which my mom and I were excited to finally do.  We were talking about heading to the health bar all week!  The day was finished with a Mexican Fiesta! It included a buffet (full of different Mexican foods, yum!), endless drinks (yes please!), and a show!  I loved trying all the different foods that I would not normally have at home, with my favorite being the cactus salad!  Look it up if you are unsure of what it is!









Outfit #1 details: bikini- Calia by Carrie Underwood (here, here), hat- Vineyard Vines (similar here), sunglasses- RayBan (here)

Outfit #2 details: romper- American Eagle (here, sold out in black), vest- American Eagle (here), shoes- Steve Madden (similar here), earrings- New York & Company (here), bracelets- Alex and Ani


All this day consisted of was eating at the breakfast buffet again and catching our flights home.  Even though the trip was great, I was ready to head home!



img_3989-e1499791664469.jpgOutfit details: t-shirt- Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, leggings- Victoria’s Secret Pink (similar here), shoes- Asics, bracelets- Alex and Ani, headband- Nike

I am so blessed that I have the opportunities to go and explore new places.  Traveling is such a passion of mine that I cannot wait to continue as I get older.  What are your favorite travel spots?  What about your favorite spot in the Caribbean? Be sure to let me know in the comments!!  Also, if you have any questions about going to Riviera Maya, where we stayed, what companies we used, etc., feel free to leave them in the comments as well!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little site!! I am eternally grateful to those of you that do! Have a very happy weekend, friends!

Xoxo, Kay



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