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Fun Graduation Gift

Hi friends! Welcome back to Simply Kaylee Ann!  If you are new around here, I am Kaylee and I am so happy you have decided to read this post today!

It sure is hard to believe that Graduation season is already upon us!  This year my brother will be graduating from high school, which seems unreal because I feel like i just graduated not too long ago.  As I get older, I swear the years just go by faster and faster.  Anyone else with me on that one?

When I graduated, I wanted to give my good friends something unique from me.  That is when I made my first College’s Survival Kit.  Since then, I have made this gift or so many people.  It is a cheap, but still super cute gift that everyone always raves about.  Read on to find out what to include and how to make this gift!

College Survival Kit Gift

What to include:

  1. Paper Clips- to keep it all together
  2. Gum Bands- to be flexible
  3. Nail File- for when things get a little rough
  4. Tissues- because papers and exams are going to blow
  5. Hand Sanitizer- to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise
  6. Air Freshener- for when things (or your roommate) stink
  7. Straws- things won’t always go your way- suck it up
  8. Band Aids- to help you mend when you get hurt
  9. Tape- stick to your gut
  10. Eraser- remember that we all make mistakes
  11. Highlighters- you light up the lives of those around you
  12. Lifesavers- for when you feel like you are drowning in information
  13. Nuts- don’t forget to take time to be a little nutty sometimes
  14. Twizzlers- for life’s twists and turns
  15. Gum- to help you stick with it


How to assemble the gift:

Be sure to buy a basket of some sort to load the little gifts into.  To write the reason for each item, I used notecards and cut them up.  Just tape the cut up notecards to each item and fill the basket.  I always then make a sign to put on the front of the basket that says the person’s name then College Survival Kit (i.e. Gabriella’s College Survival Kit).



Again, this gift is super easy and very appealing to the recipient.  You  can collect these items at places like the dollar store, 5 Below, Walmart, Target, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!  As per usual, like, comment, and follow the blog!

Happy Weekend, friends!

Xoxo, Kay

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