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What do I eat in a day?

Hi pals!  Happy Friday!  I feel like my work week flew by, which is never a bad thing!  So, let’s talk about food today because what is not to love about that?? I am 100% a foodie.  Trying new foods, restaurants, and recipes is something I love to do, while spending time with my family and friends!  I try my hardest to eat clean most of the time because I think it is important to fuel my body properly.  When I put crappy things into my body, I usually feel like crap too.



Most of the time I choose a chocolate, banana, and peanut butter protein shake.  I usually
use about 8-12 ounces of water and two ice cubes.  I then add two scoops of chocolate powder (of your choice), half of a banana, and a tablespoon of PB2.  If you want more of a peanut butter taste, use two tablespoons rather than one.

Morning Snack:

img_1622.jpgI usually pick a snack around 150 calories.  For example, one of my current favorite snacks is pretzels and grapes.  I think I like this snack so much because it has the sweet and salty flavors, which I love.  I also will enjoy a toast with PB2 and a clementine or a serving of Annie’s Organic White Cheddar Popcorn.  Listed below are a few of my other morning snack favorites:

Almond Butter Cookie Dough Balls

Banana & PB2 Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

Protein Peanut Butter Mini Muffins


Typically, I will drink a second protein shake.  While sometimes I choose a different flavor, such as vanilla or chocolate mint, I most often choose just plain old chocolate!  I, again use 8-12 ounces of water and two ice cubes then add two scoops of whatever flavor powder I choose.

Afternoon snack:

The second snack is hit or miss for me.  Some days, when I am extra hungry, I will have this snack while other days I will try to save the calories for something else (cookie anyone????).  This snack is typically in the 150 calorie range as well.  When I do go ahead and have this snack, my most common go-tos would either be raw vegetables and hummus or blue corn chips and salsa!  I linked a homemade dip example below!

Avocado, Corn, & Black Bean Dip


My dinners are usually around 600 calories and I love to make them homemade with whatever I can find in my fridge!  My favorite meal is definitely a taco salad…. yum!  Linked below are some of my favorite recipes.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!IMG_1215.JPG

Mom’s Ground Chicken Chili

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Turkey & Bacon Wrap with Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

Taco Salads

Spicy Lime Grilled Shrimp with Avocado Dressing

Any of these meals can be done interchangeably.  For example, sometimes instead of having a shake for breakfast, I will have a breakfast meal instead.  Sometimes I will eat a meal replacement bar instead of a shake for lunch.  Another thing I will do is if I know I am going to go to the gym in evening, I will eat breakfast or lunch and drink a shake for dinner as part of my recovery from the workout.  In this stage of my life, the shakes are quick and easy, along with being filled with nutrients that I need.  I am still eating well, even when trying to manage time.

Another thing I really try to do is drink about a gallon of water every day.  I know that is a lot of water and sometimes I do not make it to all 128 ounces.  I at least get half of my body weight in water.  It is proven that water does aid in weight loss if that is something of interest to you.  Plus, it is so important to properly hydrate your body.  Pops and juices are only empty calories and loaded with sugar.

I hope that you found this post informative and helpful.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.  If you want to ask me privately, send me a direct message on Instagram or an email (check the Contact page for information on these forms of communication).

Have a great day, friends!

Xoxo, Kay

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