Taco Salads

Hi friends!  Happy Taco Tuesday!  I don’t know about you but Mexican food is easily my favorite food.  Naturally, ‘Taco Tuesday’ is one of my favorite trends.  The unfortunate part about this kind of food is that the calories can add up quickly!  I often try to make a taco salad instead of tacos which gives me a healthier Mexican style dinner.  This is a regular dinner for me because I can make a whole pound of ground chicken and am able to eat the salad leftovers for a few days after.  Read on to see the recipe for taco salads!


Taco Salads


Ground chicken


Corn (I used frozen corn!)

Black beans

Black olives


Mexican blend shredded cheese

Greek Yogurt

Hot and spicy taco seasoning packet


Taco sauce

For this recipe, I browned the ground chicken in a non-stick frying pan.  Once it was finished browning, I followed the directions on the back of the taco season packet to make it into the taco meat.  I then proceeded to layer the rest of the ingredients listed above. First the lettuce then the corn and black beans, following the black olives and onions.  I then put a little bit of salsa on top of that.  The ground chicken and cheese came next with taco sauce and Greek yogurt topping it off.  I use Greek yogurt as sour cream!  I really cannot taste the difference at all!  Use the amount of ingredients based on your own personal preferences!


Often times when I make this meal, I will include tomatoes and avocados but I, unfortunately, did not have either.  You can really make this meal anyway you want and add any toppings you think would be a good addition to the salad!  This is a super quick and easy meal to make that everyone will love!  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you make Taco Tuesday healthier!


Xoxo, Kay


But on a real note….

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