Weekend Snapshot

Hi loves!  I cannot believe it is already Monday again and another week is under way.  Weekends are my favorite (I mean, naturally).  It is a time that I can make time for myself, as well as be productive and actually have a social life.  As a college student, I try to manage my time as best as I can so these areas.

On Friday, we celebrated one of my friends’ 21st birthday at midnight.  It is so much fun getting together to celebrate another birthday, minus the expensive the bar tabs.  A highlight of the night was hanging out and enjoying the evening with my big.


Penn State’s Relay for Life began Saturday at 2:00 pm.  Relay for Life is a team fundraising event for the American Cancer Society where team members take turns walking around a designated path.  Events last between 6-24 hours and one team member is to be on the path at all times.  Cancer never sleeps, so neither should we, right? Cancer touches so many lives and we all want to see something be done about this nasty disease.   The Penn State Relay for Life raised over $80,000!!!! It feels awesome to be apart of something like that.

A definite highlight to my weekend was our organization’s fundraiser at Relay, Pie a Friend!  I obviously could not resist and instantly bought two pies to get my friends!  I love that they were such good sports about it.

To end the weekend, I had a chapter meeting, just like every Sunday.  This one was a little different though because we had exec elections!  This was important to me this time around because I was running for MVP (Membership Vice President), otherwise commonly known as Pledge Mom.  I am so excited because I did in fact get the position!  This is right up my alley and makes me so excited to start me senior year of college.  Geez, where has the time gone???

So tired from Relay but still had enough energy for chapter shenanigans!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and it was filled with a lot of joys and a lot of laughs.  Weekends like these rejuvenate my soul and are so needed.  It is also weekends like these that remind you of what is important in life and show you how blessed you truly are.  Be sure to like, comment, and follow, as always!!

Have a great week of school or work!

Xoxo, Kay

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